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If you’re looking to better understand, or begin to understand, your calling, The Track to High Impact will be great for you. It will help you get a bigger vision for your life- in fact, it will help you get clear on God’s vision for your life.

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    Rev. Andrea Shaull

    Preacher, Coach, Teacher

    You've Got this!

    Chances are, you’ve used other resources, you’ve had some coaching, surrounding yourself with other action takers and taking intentional steps to impact the world. But you may also recognize that you’re DIFFERENT!

    You’re not the same person you were a year ago or even 6 months ago.

    Your mindset is developing. Your awareness has elevated. You’re constantly advancing in your relationship with Jesus and growing your leadership impact. And, it’s becoming more important than ever that you stay energized and on the cutting edge when it comes to strategy and action taking as you impact the world.

    You may even feel that you’ve outgrown some of the conversations and moved past barriers that are still keeping others stuck, while you charge ahead. Know the feeling?

    You may be that person that knows what they have to do, yet you just get “stuck” in your own thoughts and habits, resulting in all-talk-no-action.

    You may have discovered that you are also sometimes way too close to your own dreams, or leadership challenges, failing to see blind spots and having a limited view of what is REALLY going on. These are clear signs that you’re ready for some high-level Christian leadership coaching.

    You are also ready for a high level coaching if you get frustrated seeing other Christian leaders zoom past you (often with less experience) when you know you are called and capable of something more- something that actually impacts the world and makes an eternal impact. Things like big, bold, exciting launches, events, mentoring movement, churches started, leaders made, non-profits started.